1. hanan-chan:

    My poor Joon Hee T^T
    Owh well, at least You have Dongwoo now right? Yadong FTW >.<

  2. eunhaexo:

    Baekyeol The Notebook part 1 / part 2 & part 3 (coming soon)

    Hunhan Titanic part1 part 2 

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  8. SunHee’s “Chili Pepper Paste CF”

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  9. apoksea:

    “I love you. But we are not meant to be together.. I hope you’ll find your Mary Jane soon..” BaekHyun placed a kissed on ChanYeol’s lips and sneaked out off the bed, picking up his clothes on the floor.


  10. captainmarcus:

    FANFIC RECOMMENDATION: Countdown by adorableprince

    Jongin still sees the world in numbers but these numbers are of an entirely different sort. These numbers rip him apart and sew him back together again, tracing the red line of fate until Jongin doesn’t know what it means to count, what it means to breathe if he’s not breathing wide doe eyes and crescent smiles. And so Jongin falls into the mindless, unending thread of ones and twos and threes.

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